Ready to Escape the Cold? Our Top 5 Destinations for a Spontaneous Vacation

Why suffer through the winter blues when you don’t have to? We’ve got the ideal list for when you’re ready to escape the cold and soak up some sun, sand, and adventure. View our top five destinations for a spontaneous vacation below!


With soft, sandy beaches and the infectious Cuban spirit of Havana to get you moving, Cuba is the perfect place to hide out during winter. This island has it all, from historical sites to captivating mountains, hidden restaurants, secluded beaches, and so much more. Only in Cuba can you enjoy a wide range of heart-pumping activities like snorkelling and sailing, diving, and horseback riding during the day followed by a night of dancing and singing in the streets.


Aruba may be a smaller island, but it’s big on beauty and tranquillity! With blissful weather, turquoise waters, colourful architecture, and legendary white beaches, Aruba is the place to head to when you really want to unwind. Don’t confuse peaceful with boring though — Aruba has plenty to do for the whole family, romantic couple, or solo traveller. Venture beyond the beach, and you’ll find excellent shopping, fine cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and a bustling arts and culture scene. Explore galleries, take in some golf, or just Zen out — it’s your choice in Aruba!


Hawaii is the land of natural wonders. Each one of its breath-taking islands has sweeping tropical landscapes, towering volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, and picture-perfect beaches to enjoy. Hawaii also has some of the best shopping, dining, and family-friendly attractions in the world. Did we mention it has perfect weather year-round? It averages a nice and balmy (but not too hot) 77 degrees Fahrenheit. What more could you ask for?


Mexico’s newest hot spot is another excellent destination for a spontaneous vacation. Tulum is another natural playground with phenomenal tours to explore, like the nearby Mayan ruins or hidden caves and cenotes, and a number of eco-friendly adventures that will get you up close and personal with nature. Be sure to visit before the tourist boom really kicks off!


When you want to gamble at world-class casinos, dance in Caribbean carnivals, dive to find shipwrecks, and lounge on stunning pink sandy beaches, you need to head to the Bahamas! With 700 unique islands to explore, there is so much to see and do here that you may never want to leave.

Itching to pick up the phone and book your flight? We don’t blame you.

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Cory Gagnon

Cory Gagnon

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