Complete Family Wealth is a Philosophy

Complete wealth is more than a process;
it’s a way of being.

Your family’s wealth is more than your financial capital on a net worth statement. Your wealth is rich with your people, values, social connections, philanthropic endeavours, and even your own intellectual capital. When we say “complete family wealth,” we mean understanding who you are. We mean learning about how you and your family wish to create, manage, and transition wealth across multiple generations. We mean connecting your family’s identity and values to effectively advise, manage, and connect everything that informs your family dynamics, generational wealth, and vision for your life.


Feel confident in your past
to be confident in your future

When you have a well-lit path forward, you have confidence in where you’re going. A complete family wealth plan shines a light on where you were, where you are, and where you want to go. With Beacon Family Office at Assante Financial Management Ltd., your detailed map speaks to creating stability between the past, present, and future. It creates a way forward for your inheritors to further your generational legacy with pride.

An infographic illustrating the elements of the complete plan

The complete family wealth map highlights the integration between your business, assets, family dynamics, tax advantages/disadvantages, and more. It shows the need to include the human element of your family so you can course direct key aspects of your wealth management when needed. 

The aspects we integrate into your complete family wealth plan are founded on your family identity, values and life vision. Areas we consider to build your plan include:

► Highlighting the reality of where you’re currently at and the gap to close for where you want to go.

► Identifying ways to protect your wealth, capital, and assets from unnecessary risk.

Outlining a clear approach to manage investments and cost-effective tax strategies.

Facilitating crucial conversations between family members for positive relationships and commitment to furthering your family’s legacy within the larger community.

Ultimately, your plan starts with one question:

How will you use your wealth as a means to deepen your purpose beyond a
healthy standard of living across your family generations?

This is when your complete family wealth begins to move in the right direction.


Your Complete Wealth Plan

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