Family Offices

Preserve, protect, and prepare your family purpose

A family office is not for every family of high net worth. It’s for those families of ultra-high-net-worth. Those families who believe in their responsibility to proactively and positively contribute to the community around them. Families whose reputations are typically founded on values of fairness, education, stewardship, and philanthropy. 

Within the family office, there is a unique structure for wealth preservation, primarily financial and investment strategy, business planning, family governance and education, and philanthropic endeavours. Each aspect requires niche expertise to successfully guide the transition of wealth from one generation to the next. Through our independent, objective advisory team, families successfully navigate the interpersonal, emotional, and educational complexities that present themselves when ultra-high net worth is involved.

Keep the family together
and continue growing your legacy

A framework that allows for open communication is where we start with family office clients. This governance structure is designed around your family vision and the legacy you’re looking to continue. Within this framework, a coordinated and collaborative approach to wealth management allows each generation to have a voice at the table, so each generation can succeed.

By designing a clear continuity plan, your family is able to:

  • Recognize the history that grew your wealth to where it is today
  • Determine what will no longer serve the family’s legacy in the future
  • Decide which values, practices, and educational components ensure a successful transition 

With Beacon Family Office, all aspects of your capital—human, financial, intellectual, spiritual, and social—are considered. We develop a bespoke program for you once we have a deeper understanding of where your family needs support and advice. Here, we provide education with our global office and trusted advisors in:

  • Investment and wealth management strategy
  • Financial strategies and management
  • Legal concepts, frameworks and liability vulnerabilities
  • Tax planning and structuring 
  • Family governance, communication and dynamics 
  • Business exit, succession planning, and leadership development
  • Real estate, estate planning, and legal considerations 
  • Philanthropy management, foundations, and donor-advised funds

At the core of all our family offices is a desire to prepare the next generation so everyone is confident and ready to be a successful wealth creator, committed to the greater family purpose.

How prepared is your family to steer the future of your legacy?

Set up your generational legacy for success

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