Integrated Wealth Management Approach

Handle your wealth with a holistic approach

Your wealth goals merit unbiased guidance that integrates your values, vision, and legacy objectives. This is why Beacon Family Office uses a comprehensive, integrated approach to wealth management.

Connect your vision and core values to the family dynamics at play. Together, we design a plan to help navigate the intricacies of family wealth so you can confidently preserve, grow, and transition your legacy to your inheritors. This comes down to one question:

Clarity about who you are and your vision ensures the successful and fully integrated management of your wealth. We commit to being your core financial professionals, coordinating the right experts and advisors where and when needed.

How do we do this?

It begins with knowing yourself, what your goals are, and what you want to do in the future. Without this clarity, an integrated approach isn’t possible. Leaving you, your family, and your wealth vulnerable.

From there, we advise, manage, and coordinate the macro and micro aspects that impact your wealth, including, but not limited to:

  • Key financial and investment strategies
  • Business growth, succession and exit planning
  • Reducing risk to preserve and protect your current wealth
  • Identifying tax strategy and investment decisions 
  • Laying out a clear family governance structure for clarity on inheritor expectations
  • Coordinating crucial conversations with family members for estate planning
  • Closing the gap between where you are today and where you want to be when you retire
  • Navigating the minutiae of capital allocation and ensuring your plan stays on course

Why is integration important?

The last thing you need is to be coordinating the various experts who are the stewards of your and your family’s wealth. Rather, when working with an integrated wealth management approach, you have one point of contact responsible for keeping everyone informed and on the same page. This ensures we’re all working in the same direction of your defined goals and wishes. This removes the silos between the experts, leverages our trusted relationships, and allows you to focus on what matters most to you. This is how we navigate your ongoing success, course correcting as family dynamics change, as markets change, and as your assets change.



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