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Your Wealth is More than Assets;
It’s Your Family, Values, and Vision

Celebrate what your wealth has done and will continue to do for you, your family, and the legacy you plan to transition to the next generation. Beacon Family Office at Assante Financial Management Ltd. is here to help you preserve, protect, grow, and transition your wealth with a proven approach. Navigate your family dynamics while bridging the gap between where you are today and the future you plan to achieve.

Discover the services we’ve crafted to take your net worth, your reputation, and your family into the future.

Family Estate Planning

Your How:
Integrated Wealth Management

Wealth preservation, protection, growth, and transition require a holistic approach that connects the right experts at the right time, by a dedicated individual to guide the vision. This is integrated wealth management that ultra-high-net-worth families thrive on.

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Your Philosophy:
Complete Family Wealth

Wealth is beyond your assets. It’s your family. Our philosophy of complete family wealth allows for a comprehensive approach to integrating your vision, strengths, and assets into a systematic process customized to navigating your family’s unique dynamics.

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Your Transition:
Generational Wealth

Wealth management engages the whole family to de-risk, create, manage, and successfully transition your family’s capital across generations. E
quip your inheritors with the knowledge, plan, and commitment to preserving, protecting, and growing the family identity and values you’re proud of. 

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Your Why:
The Family Office

Remove the mystery and complications in building a sustainable approach to your family office. From enhancing family governance structures to coordinating capital and furthering your philanthropic endeavours, access niche expertise to proactively meet your family’s long-term objectives.

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