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At Beacon Family Office, we are committed to supporting ultra-high-net-worth individuals, their families, and their ongoing legacies. To do this, we believe in forming valuable partnerships with complementary service providers for greater support of both the individual family members and the larger family unit itself. With the right service partners, we can guide more informed clients by offering comprehensive wealth management specific to their legacy success.

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Clients We Serve

Beacon Family Office serves enterprise families that have built significant wealth within their businesses. Today, they are proactively seeking ways to successfully transfer this wealth across generations in a way that honours the values, vision, and legacy of the family. In particular, we specialize in supporting families who are committed to philanthropic endeavours by giving back to their communities.

Advisors We Partner With

While many of our affluent clients have trusted advisors who we are happy to work alongside, we seek to augment this guidance with complementary service providers. Key experts, we work with include, but are not limited to

Behind all our working partnerships is an understanding that community and philanthropy drive our clientele. When our partners understand this, we are able to best serve our clients, their families, and their legacy vision.

Why partner as an advisor
with Beacon Family Office?


At the foundation of every single relationship is trust. This trust comes from having real conversations with our clients where we ask them the hard questions so we can provide the support that has a real, lasting impact on their family legacies.


We know that we cannot be experts in all things for our clients. At our core, we are wealth advisors who surround ourselves with a team of trusted individuals who specialize in areas that support wealth management and family dynamics. Together, we create an integrated approach to wealth management that serves our clients' vision.


Ongoing complexity is involved with ultra-high-net-worth family wealth. The only way to successfully preserve, protect, grow and then transition this wealth requires honesty. This means knowing when to reveal information while having the guts to have the hard conversations certain information requires. Commitment to transparency ensures no one is left in the dark.


Wealth is an ever-evolving concept and requires ongoing education, time to implement strategies, and a deeper understanding of what a family’s purpose and vision are. By putting the family first, we understand what progress they want, how we can get them there, and how to do so in a way that honors who they were, who they are, and who they are becoming.

If you are looking to add greater value and remove the mystery behind integrated wealth management for your own affluent clients, then we would love to connect and learn more about you.


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