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Make a Difference with Giving Tuesday

Raising Heirs with Purpose Through Philanthropy

For ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families aiming to develop responsible leadership in the next generation, raising heirs with a sense of purpose rather than entitlement or family expectations is critical. Instead of simply passing down wealth and influence without guidance, you can intentionally use philanthropy to set the tone for future generations’ involvement in stewardship.   This intentionality allows your rising generation to

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5 Ways to Be a More Confident Workplace Leader

Nurturing Knowledge Across UHNW Multi-Generational Families

Ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families are characterized by complex intergenerational dynamics and a wide range of perspectives. Appreciating these differences and adapting educational approaches accordingly is essential for stewards seeking to transfer generational wisdom effectively. Through personalized learning, families can cultivate engagement, understanding, and ownership of wealth management principles, which prepares rising generations to eventually take over ownership and guide the family

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5 Steps Small Businesses Can Take to Improve Their Work Culture

Guiding Multi-Generational Enterprises in the “Cousin Stage”

As multi-generational family enterprises evolve, they inevitably reach what’s known as the “cousin stage.” This phase describes when siblings, cousins, and their spouses suddenly take on ownership stakes, and more heirs naturally participate. Typically, this is in the third generation. Preserving unity and continuity gets tested as more relatives with divergent interests become involved. As someone who stewards a multigenerational

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Empowering Female Family Members Towards Stewardship

Who will lead your family’s legacy into the future is an important question ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families must carefully consider when looking at the rising generation. For aging stewards, the responsibility of preparing successors who embody the family values rests heavily. This question takes on additional dimensions when considering female successors. Guiding multi-generational families, we have seen firsthand how purposeful planning,

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The Power of Balance: How to Reconnect With Family Amid Business Demands

In pursuit of success, it’s common for business owners to feel a strong sense of responsibility for the prosperity and well-being of their ventures. A role you hold with pride. Sometimes, even as you wear this role with pride, it can come with a personal burden, particularly when it impacts your quality time with your family and friends. When you’re

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Why Succession Planning is Key for Your Business

Wealth Strategies: Facing Unforeseen Challenges with Resilience

Life’s plot twists often arrive unannounced. For ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families and business owners, these events can present both challenges and opportunities. Twists, such as the inherent instability of the economy, provide an opportunity for family stewards of UWHN families to be more intentionally strategic and forward-looking in their approach to financial security. This intentional strategy builds resilience within family enterprises

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